ADRA Colombia

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ADRA Colombia officially started its activities in the country in 1989, although its presence had been noted since the beginning of the work of the Adventist Church in this nation through OFASA (Adventist Philanthropic Social Work). In 1994 it acquires its own office with the backing of the AECI (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation) and the zonal offices of ADRA Colombia. Evidence of effective work that ADRA done in the area of ​​Emergency and Disaster is the response and humanitarian aid distributed during emergencies Armero, the Coffee, Quibdo, Bojayá and recent attention to the cold wave that hit the country in 2010 and 2011. ADRA Colombia has been working with governments and international donors in economic development projects, programs Income Generation for the social and economic restoration of population displaced, has built training centers and training for work, benefiting thousands of Mothers head of Household displaced and implemented projects with resources from the Department for Social Prosperity - DPS to reduce extreme poverty in Colombia. ADRA Colombia works around the country supporting different populations to overcome poverty, disease, suffering caused by forced displacement or natural disasters.



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