Chilenje Development Program

This Development Program aims to improve the well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable, using an approach that is long term (15-20 years), holistic, focused on children, and seeks to enable their families, local communities and partners to address the underlying causes of poverty. These root causes are not just lack of access to the basic necessities of life like water, food or health care, but also include inequities like gender or ethnic discrimination, or abusive practices like exploitation or domestic violence that affect a child’s well-being.


Community leaders took part in a series of meetings that equipped them to handle cases of child abuse and child rights violations. To improve children's access to nutritious food, we trained mothers on how to properly process and store fresh fruits and vegetables so they last throughout the year. 82 malnourished children reached a normal weight for their age through World Vision's community nutrition programs. 7,000 children received deworming treatment and Vitamin A, which protects them against blindness and disease. 5,023 households and six schools gained access to clean water when we rehabilitated 27 borehole wells. To lower the incidence of water-related illnesses like diarrhea, we conducted a sanitation campaign to teach children about handwashing and using latrines. 156 boys and girls with physical disabilities have been integrated into school activities and provided with better access to classrooms and latrines. 17 early childhood development centers were equipped with books and learning materials to support preschool education, and 45 teachers participated in trainings on the developmental needs of young children. 2,000 students visited our village reading centers where they received after-school tutoring in reading, writing, and math. We equipped the centers with soccer balls and nets to encourage physical activity through sports. We trained community members in a Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) approach that helped them advocate for their rights, such as access to healthcare and education for children. CVA equips citizens to monitor government programs, and work together to lobby for improved services.

Cross-cutting issues

Peace, Advocacy


  • Malawi>Central>Lilongwe


  • Education
  • Health
  • Protection
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene

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