Trinco South Development Program

This Development Program aims to improve the well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable, using an approach that is long term (15-20 years), holistic, focused on children, and seeks to enable their families, local communities and partners to address the underlying causes of poverty. These root causes are not just lack of access to the basic necessities of life like water, food or health care, but also include inequities like gender or ethnic discrimination, or abusive practices like exploitation or domestic violence that affect a child’s well-being.


Vaccination coverage for children increased from seven percent in 2013 to 99 percent in 2014 as a result of meetings we held with health officials encouraging them to improve healthcare and deliver services to remote communities. To reduce cases of malnutrition, we partnered with the Ministry of Health to provide classes for mothers on breastfeeding, childhood nutrition, and growth monitoring. We also trained 550 adolescents in nutrition, reproductive health, and the harmful effects of early child marriage. In collaboration with local midwives and the Ministry of Health, we trained mothers to monitor the growth of themselves and their babies while pregnant. 1,164 community children were also enrolled in a growth monitoring program to prevent future malnutrition. 48 students who live far away from schools received bicycles so they could get there more easily and continue their education. We empowered school development committees and parents to advocate to the government for better access to education. The advocacy paid off when the government repaired a broken ferry boat that children relied on to get to school. 400 children benefited from life skills development training and career guidance counseling. We formed 16 children's clubs where boys and girls learned about their rights, as well as leadership and participation in community decision making.

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