Safe Agriculture/Food Export (SAFE) Program

The five year, USDA-funded SAFE Program know locally as Progana works with dairy and beef producers in the Dominican Republic to improve agricultural productivity for livestock and expand exports and trade. Working with smallholder livestock owners with 100 heads of cattle or less, NCBA CLUSA will partner with milk and beef processing centers to train farmers on improved herd management and production techniques. For the dairy sector, pasture management, animal nutrition, herd management, and sanitary milking and milk handling practices will be emphasized. Training for beef producers will include improved pasture seed and feed, artificial insemination, herd management, nutrition, and the use of veterinary pharmaceuticals. Trainings will be held through agriculture extension agents at farm field schools. These extension agents will set up demonstration plots and pastures to show how improved techniques can keep a herd healthy and profitable while adhering to international certifications for export quality products. The end of the program targets Dominican exports to the U.S. to exceed $3 million USD. Overall sales of beef and dairy products for client producers are targeted to exceed $800 million USD.


SAFE Program activities include: 1) Capacity Building: Develop Public Information and Improve Marketing and Branding; 2) Capacity Building: Private Sector Agricultural Extension Agents/Services; 3) Capacity Building: Producer Groups; 4) Capacity Building: Promote Improved Policy and Regulatory Framework; 5) Financial Services: Facilitate Agricultural Lending and Private and Public Investment; 6) Infrastructure: Improve Beef and Dairy Value Chains; 7) Inputs: Facilitate Agrodealers and Other Input Suppliers; 8) Market Access: Facilitate Buyer-Seller Relationships; 9) Market Access: Facilitate Private and/or Public Partnerships; 10) Training: Farm Management; 11) Training: Improved Agricultural Production Techniques; and 12) Training: Beef and Dairy Quality Standards


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  • Dominican Republic>Duarte
  • Dominican Republic>El Seibo
  • Dominican Republic>Hato Mayor
  • Dominican Republic>Independencia
  • Dominican Republic>La Altagarcia
  • Dominican Republic>Maria Trinidad Sanchez
  • Dominican Republic>Monte Plata
  • Dominican Republic>San Juan
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