Finance for Food Security and Women Entrepreneurs (FFSWE)

The Financial Technical Assistance Program (FinTAP) is funded jointly by USAID/Mali and Swedish Sida, and will connect entrepreneurs in Mali to credit that is guaranteed by USAID's Development Credit Authority (DCA), targeting agribusinesses all along the value chain and particularly women-owned businesses. The overarching goals of the FinTAP project are to create a more robust agricultural financial sector in Mali and to fully utilize USAID's DCA guarantee. Led by IESC, FinTAP will: 1) expand access to credit to actors in the various value chains in the agriculture sector as well as to women entrepreneurs and associations through building their capacity to become credit worthy borrowers, and 2) strengthen DCA Partner Banks, BICIM Mali and Bank of Africa Mali, capacity and willingness to loan to the agriculture sector, to women entrepreneurs and associations, and to Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) who lend to these two groups throughout the DCA program life. NBCA CLUSA’s role is to support the first objective above by mentoring and advising loan recipients to help grow their operations in the post-loan investment environment. NCBA CLUSA will provide business development training to farmers and herder groups as an additional service to the loan access.

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