Accelerating the Accessibility, Reliability, Sharing and Utilization of Agricultural Investment Data

This project aims to increase the amount of high quality, timely, and standardized data on agricultural investments in order to make those investments more effective. To do this, the project will propose changes or extensions to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standard to make that standard more relevant and useful for agricultural investment decision making. It will also seek to increase the number and types of organizations reporting on those investments. As part of this project, InterAction and its current partners (additional partners will be identified as the project progresses) will undertake five major activities: 1. Formalize the Agricultural Investment Data Community of Practice / Establish the IATI Agriculture Working Group 2. Conduct a landscape analysis and stakeholder consultations to inform development of the “IATI agriculture standard” and tools: The landscape analysis will be used to produce a comprehensive inventory of the agricultural investment data that is currently available. The stakeholder analysis will be used to gain insights into the agricultural investment decisionmaking practices and data needs of four groups of stakeholders: NGOs, foundations, bilateral and multilateral donors, and local stakeholders in the project’s two focus countries: Ethiopia and Tanzania. 3. Develop recommendations on changes or extensions to the IATI standard: Our goal will be to produce a standard that is feasible, useful, and widely adopted and, ultimately, that is actually used to guide agricultural investment decisionmaking. 4. Provide data producers with technical assistance and develop or adapt tools for data publication and use: A major component of this project will be the provision of technical assistance to data producers, and the development/adaptation of tools to help organizations produce, and possibly use, agricultural investment data. 5. Promote adoption of the IATI agriculture standard and use of related tools


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