Social Accountability in Primary Education

The project is helping to create an efficient, transparent and accountable model of resource management for primary education in targeted areas of Casablanca and Marrakech. NEF is (1) mobilizing school communities to participate in project activities, and (2) building the capacity, representation and voice of 80 Parent Associations. A Social Accountability Award will be awarded to schools that demonstrate the greatest progress as a way of encouraging schools to adopt more transparent and inclusive policies. Project launched in December 2014 in coordination with CARE Maroc; Meetings with Regional Academies of Education and Training (AREF) in Grand Casablanca and Marrakech-Tansift Al Haouz to discuss project and formalize a memorandum of understanding for the implementation of activities; Meetings with National Federation of Parent Teacher Associations (FNAPEM) to introduce and discuss project; Training with AREF and FNAPEM representatives on PAMT (Education Action Plan 2013-2016); training for 152 members of PTAs in 14 schools.


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  • Capacity Strengthening for CSOs (general)
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