LGBT Syrian Refugee Support- Emergency Grants Program (Rainbow Fund)

The donation is specifically earmarked to support LGBT refugees in the MENA region, providing direct assistance to individuals accessing services from our local partner, MOSAIC. The Rainbow Fund, a volunteer-led group based in San Francisco, collected donations to provide direct support to LGBT Syrians fleeing violence. These donations are for humanitarian purposes and are expected to provide the following types of support: shelter, temporary relocation, medical expenses, food, or evacuation (if still in Syria or Iraq). This project conducts the following: -identify LGBT Syrians/Iraqis in need of emergency support, individuals at imminent-risk and facing life threatening vulnerabilities should be prioritized -rigorously vet cases to ensure applicants' claims are truthful -complete and submit Emergency Application form to HAI for review -after approval of a case, funds are disbursed to MOSAIC.


  • Lebanon


  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Shelter and Housing
  • Social Services
  • Refugee Resettlement

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