Integrated Graduation Approach of Food Security for Indigenous Communities in Paraguay

In a new partnership with the Technical Secretariat of Economic and Social Development Planning (STP) of Paraguay, Trickle Up is adapting the Graduation Approach to their existing food security programs. This government agency hopes the Graduation Approach will decrease malnutrition, strengthen resilience, and improve production through appropriate technologies for indigenous communities. This project will engage 3,800 households (3,000 indigenous Guarani and 800 farmers, including at least 200 people with disabilities) within two regions of Paraguay. We are partnering with six United Nations Agencies and nine Paraguayan governmental institutions in the implementation of this multi-faceted project.


Facilitate technical assistance and support the implementation of the Graduation Approach in 3,800 households of farmers and indigenous peoples in the Eastern and Western Regions of Paraguay.

Cross-cutting issues

Indigenous communities


  • Paraguay


  • Agriculture
  • Communications/Technology
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Food Aid
  • Health
  • Social Services
  • Gender
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