Support to the most vulnerable in Dadaab refugees camps

Our objective is to: • Enhancing Protection and Boosting Self-reliance of the most vulnerable refugees in Dadaab Refugee Camps • Improve protection of persons with disabilities and reduce their vulnerability through increased awareness of and access to Protection mechanisms and key mainstream humanitarian services. • Ensure person with disabilities’ access to health and rehabilitation services to improve their overall well-being, inclusion, and participation.

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METHOD • Provision of functional rehabilitation services and assistive devices (crutches, wheelchairs) to PWDs in rehabilitation centers and the community • Referral of clients for prosthesis/orthosis fitting and orthopedic surgeries in specialized centers • Capacity development of refugee staff to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services • Empowerment of community-based structures (i.e. CBR Committees) • Establish awareness, response, and prevention mechanisms for protection and GBV issues towards PWDs • Awareness raising, advocacy, disability mainstreaming


  • Kenya>Garissa


  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Social Services
  • Refugee Resettlement

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