Port Resiliency Program (PReP) - Mexico

Americas Relief Team (ART) began in 2012 to develop the Port Resiliency Program (PReP). PReP seeks to prepare airports and seaports in the Caribbean and Latin America to be more resilient in the face of natural and man-made disasters by sharing best management practices and lessons learned from ports and other facilities worldwide. PReP’s goals are to protect life, property, and economic vitality, to enhance regional and national resiliency by protecting transportation infrastructure, to help airports and seaports improve their resiliency through cost-effective, relatively easy-to-implement methods and to facilitate rapid import and distribution of commerce and humanitarian aid to victims following a crisis occurrence.


*Workshops: Training and disaster readiness drill with stakeholders and essential airport personnel. "Workshop onsite" conduct a functional exercise/preparedness drill on-site. *Airport to airport mutual aid.


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  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
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