Aid to Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Turkey today represents the country with the most refugees in the world. Tzu Chi started its program to help Syrian refugees in Turkey in 2014 with a one year program. From September 2014 until June 2015 Tzu Chi helped distribute these materials:

Food and Non-Food Items:
3,060 packs of pasta
1,020 kilograms of rice
510 kilograms of wheat
510 kilograms of red lentils
510 kilograms of green lentils
1,020 liters of sunflower oil
510 kilograms flour
510 kilograms tomato sauce
510 kilograms chickpeas
510 kilograms white kidney beans
1,020 kilograms of sugar
10,000 blankets
757 households received a monthly allowance of 170 lira for fuel
3649 people received scholarship and tuition assistance

In 2016, Tzu Chi established a free clinic for Syrian refugees in the Turkish city of Istanbul and received over 10,000 patients in its first three months of operations. The clinic is located in Sultangazi which has over 36,000 Syrian refugees. The doctors, often refugees themselves, generally are from Syria or the diaspora community in Turkey.

Departments Provided:

Tzu Chi from the start had an educational assistance program in place with a large number of students being helped. This was a continuation of the educational assistance program that had previously existed.

Students with Financial Assistance:
2,384 Syrian students in Manahai Primary and Secondary School
22 Syrian students studying in university


Food and Non-Food Items Distribution Education Medical Clinic

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