Increasing Native American Access to Eye Care Services in Santo Domingo (Kewa) Pueblo and Surrounding Communities

Building upon our existing partnership with the Kewa Pueblo Health Corporation (KPHC), Seva will pilot the use of ophthalmic telemedicine as well as expand our community-based outreach program. Through these efforts, Seva expects to increase clinical visits by 20% between 2017-2020.


Due to the paucity of quality eye care services in the Native American communities of New Mexico, as well as low-utilization rates of existing eye care services, our project has primary two objectives: (1) Increase Native American access to eye care services through telemedicine (2) Increase Native American awareness of eye care services through linguistically and culturally appropriate outreach This project builds upon three years of partnership with the Kewa Pueblo Health Corporation (KPHC). Thus far, partnership outcomes have included strengthened clinical staffing, improved physical facilities as well as increased clinical services.


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