Microfinance and Health Protection

Freedom from Hunger launched the Microfinance and Health Protection (MAHP) initiative in 2006 to help our in-country partners create and sustain key health protection services that complement their microfinance services by safeguarding family health and protecting clients and their families from the shocks of major health expenses. MAHP builds on Credit with Education, which combines credit and savings services with education on health and other topics of vital interest to poor communities, by enabling microfinance institutions to offer financial products and other services that improve access to actual healthcare services and medicines.

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The following types of health protection services are being tested by MFIs through Freedom from Hunger’s MAHP initiative. Health education services

  • Interactive education sessions on topics such as prenatal health, malaria, dengue fever, common childhood illnesses and HIV/AIDS
  • Training on coping with health-related financial shocks, using health financing services and getting the most out of local health care services Health financing and insurance programs
  • Health loans
  • Health savings accounts
  • Loans for health insurance premiums
  • Health microinsurance Links to health care providers
  • Mobile doctors providing health education, preventive and diagnostic services in rural areas
  • Referrals to private and public providers for secondary care
  • Preferred-provider program with discounted primary care for rural microfinance clients Access to health products
  • Door-to-door visits by village entrepreneurs who reinforce health education, sell health products and medicines and provide referrals to local healthcare
  • Sales of health products such as insecticide-treated nets, family planning products, oral re-hydration solution and safe water systems by MFI field agents
  • Microfranchise distribution of affordable essential drugs
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    With the creation of the Microfinance and Health Protection (MAHP) initiative, Freedom from Hunger is initiating a new era in microfinance, one that responds to the desires of microfinance institutions to help their clients stay healthy and flourish in their micro-enterprises and meets the most pressing health needs of families living in poverty.

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