Adaptive Social Protection Program in Niger

This three-year project supports the design, delivery, and learning associated with the World Bank’s Adaptive Social Protection Program (ASP) in Burkina Faso and five other countries in the Sahel (Niger, Mali, Chad, Mauritania and Senegal). Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) will manage the RCT for the ASP regionally. To sustainably reduce extreme poverty through the cost-effective integration and adaptation of the Graduation Approach into large-scale social protection programs in the Sahel. In October 2016, the World Bank and six Sahelian country governments convened in Dakar to agree on the components of a “basic package” for the nascent ASP program. This “basic package” comprises many of the components central to the Graduation Approach, including individualized coaching. Delivering and financing individualized coaching at scale is a challenge, particularly in the context of dispersed populations and limited human resources. Building on two years of smaller scale experimentation, Trickle Up’s engagement in this project includes support real-team learning through implementation to help address this challenge.


  • Niger


  • Agriculture
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Social Services
  • Gender

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