Midwife Deployment & MNCH Capacity Building Project

As part of its healthcare work, WEEMA works to strengthen health systems through education, medical equipment, physician support and innovative mobile technologies – all with the goal to reduce maternal, neonatal and child morbidity and mortality. As Tembaro Woreda and other districts of Kembata Tembaro Zone face many challenges to improving maternal and neonatal health outcomes, including a shortages of midwives, in 2012 WEEMA partnered with the Tembaro Woreda Health Office and Hamlin College of Midwives to select four young women from Tembaro to become students at the Hamlin College of Midwives. WEEMA sponsored the tuition and affiliated expenses required for them to complete this high quality midwifery training in Addis Ababa. The midwife scholars graduated from Hamlin College of Midwives in October 2016 and began their four year deployment as “Expert Hamlin Midwives” in Tembaro Woreda. In partnership with the midwives and local government, this project is designed to fully utilize the midwives’ knowledge and skills, including training and skills transfer to other health workers in Tembaro. The midwives are providing skilled delivery and reproductive health services to women in local health facilities. To expand the knowledge and skill base of existing health care workers, midwives will be responsible for training, supervising and ensuring health workers follow protocols when caring for mothers and newborns. In addition, a training space in Mudula Town, as identified by government partners, will be established for the Expert Hamlin Midwives to train health workers from Kembata Tembaro Zone. Midwives will also work to have a regular presence in the community by leading and facilitating discussions and sessions regarding behavior change education. While the Woreda Health Office provides standard salary and benefits to the midwives, WEEMA provides additional support to enable the midwives to fully contribute their knowledge and skills to the betterment of MNCH health services in Temaro Woreda. Some WEEMA support will be in the form of infrastructure improvements (e.g. equipment) to health facilities, while others are intended to be retention mechanisms/motivation methods to keep the Expert Hamlin Midwives highly active over the four years.


This project is part of WEEMA’s goal to reduce maternal, neonatal and child morbidity and mortality. Objectives of this project include: • To deploy four midwives who have graduated from the Hamlin College of Midwives to provide high quality clinical care in Tembaro Woreda for four years. • To mobilize the midwives to use their knowledge and skills to improve health seeking behavior among mothers during the four year deployment. • To build capacity of health facilities and health workers to improve quality of care in the health system and health outcomes during the four year deployment. • To build capacity of health facilities through provision of supplies/equipment and/or renovations.


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