INVEST: Investing in New Ventures of Entrepreneurial Students in Tanzania

Investing in New Ventures of Entrepreneurial Students in Tanzania (INVEST) will directly reach an estimated 815 students from two Agricultural Vocational Training Schools (AVTSs) over a three-year period. The project is designed to address the challenge of agricultural vocational training education system in Tanzania, which is weak and disconnected from labor market demands. Additionally, the AVTSs have difficulty providing students with instruction and learning on the development of businesses and therefore, the project will address and support the launching of curriculum focused on self-employment. The disconnect that exists in the schools currently has led to agricultural practitioners lacking necessary competence in the labor market and lack of self-employment. The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the long-term employment prospects of youth (male and female) in AVTSs so they are equipped for employment upon graduation. The project will be achieved through the following two outcomes: Outcome 1: Targeted AVTSs produce skilled agricultural labor force that meet market needs Outcome 2: Targeted youth are equipped for self-employment upon graduation


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