Marawi Response Project (MRP)

Goal The overall goal of the Marawi Response Project is to increase opportunities for individuals and communities affected by the Marawi siege to actively contribute to advancing durable solutions in a manner that reduces the threat of violent extremism. To achieve this purpose the Project will accomplish two Intermediate Results: a. Improved economic conditions of IDPs and host communities, and; b. Strengthened community cohesion in communities hosting large numbers of IDPs. Both of these Intermediate Results are inter-related, and will be accomplished using a community-based, participatory approach. Purpose and Relationship to Mission Objectives This project contributes to the following USAID/Philippines Country Development Cooperation Strategy Development Objective: Development Objective 2: Improved peace and stability in conflict-affected areas, particularly in Mindanao Within this framework, USAID/Philippines crafted a medium-term, strategic implementation plan to guide the Mission’s Marawi response. The plan’s goal is to support the reintegration or return of IDPs through 2020, particularly those IDPs for whom the likelihood of returning to Marawi seems unlikely for the foreseeable future. To achieve the goal, the plan establishes three objectives: Objective 1: Address the early recovery needs of individuals displaced by the Marawi conflict; Objective 2: Transition IDPs to social and economic stability; and Objective 3: Establish the conditions for local governments and communities in and around Marawi to address their long-term rehabilitation needs. The first phase of the plan, which focuses on achieving Objectives 1 and 2, is being implemented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), and Food for Peace, as well as by existing USAID/Philippines projects that were able to quickly respond to the needs of Marawi IDPs. Most of these existing USAID/Philippines projects, however, will end by early to mid-2019.


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