A Neighborhood Approach to Build Resilience and Repair Shelters

This project seeks to systematically and sustainably meet the need for evacuation centers in the vulnerable southern peninsula of Haiti. Starting with a community-based hazard and vulnerability training, awareness and mapping in all 205 targeted "section communale", the implementing agencies will aggregate this data with existing mapping and planning, as well as a more detailed list of every feasible evacuation center. Combining all streams of data, formal and informal, will result in a broader analysis, inclusive of all stakeholders, and a baseline for future intervention, both in the phases of this project, and for the remaining centers to be addressed. WCDO will use existing collaborations with the DPC to reinforce and train CCPCs and CLPCs in the 100 most vulnerable sections, as well as training volunteer groups in preparedness and response, and engaging all of the community in evacuation planning. Concurrently, the project will develop designs for rehabilitating or improving 100 priority centers. These upgrades will include improving access routes and ensuring that centers are safe and gender-sensitive. The project will reinforce the sustainability of these strategic investments through training shelter managers and running simulations that include the community, reinforcing the trainings and encouraging further investment from the community and local government in both maintaining and improving evacuation centers and access routes.


  • Haiti


  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
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