One Village Transformed (OVT) - Phonthong

World Concern will work alongside the community in a holistic manner, through a transformational development approach, with a focus on capacity building for individuals and community members to own their development process. We work in partnership with communities, local authorities and stakeholders to achieve this. One of these holistic approaches will be to address ongoing risks of trafficking and unsafe migration, especially near the Thai border. A general sense of despair and hopelessness is felt due to poverty and the seasonal food and water insecurity. Contributing factors also include illiteracy and low awareness of the risks of leaving their family, community and other social assets. The limited economic opportunities and lack of employment, vocational skills and experience as well as a culture that often excludes women and youth from family and community decisions and activities can create an environment for ongoing risk. Therefore this project aims to mitigate, and hopefully null, the risks and insecurity in this OVT.


  • Laos>Champasak


  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Education
  • Protection
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