Coronavirus Risk Communication & Hygiene Awareness Campaign

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting every corner of the globe, our team in South Sudan is on the ground, providing critical hygiene awareness as the fragile country of South Sudan works to prepare its people. Provided with personal protective equipment and while practicing social distancing, our team is communicating detailed information about the virus and its symptoms. Using information from the World Health Organization (WHO), our boots-on-the-ground team is able to share the importance of being prepared for quarantine, best practices for hand washing, and social distancing in four languages: Arabic, Dinka, Luol, and English. The team has already been busy visiting markets and livestock auctions along the Eastern Bank of Wau—where crowds of people gather. Alongside our team, local police are helping to ensure that people are practicing social distancing and are refraining from gathering in large crowds. The trainees are taking these messages seriously. We are so pleased to be able to play this vital role in protecting the vulnerable people of South Sudan. Our local team is well suited to sharing critical information, and has the bonus of being able to share information in local languages, and be seen as a trusted source of information.

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