Vesico-Vaginal Fistula / Safe Motherhood Outreach - South Sudan

Vesico-Vaginal Fistula (VVF) is a debilitating condition that is caused by prolonged and obstructed labor. Women living in marginalized communities are the most at risk to VVF. Many women living with VVF are alienated from their villages, abandoned by their families and forced to live in poverty because the condition causes them to uncontrollably leak urine and/or stool. Many rural hospitals and health facilities in East Africa lack the capacity and trained staff to be able to repair the condition, which many women are unable to afford from the outset. Through its VVF/Safe Motherhood Outreach, Amref Heath Africa works to prevent VVF, repair the condition through surgical reconstruction, and address one of the root causes of VVF: the lack of access to basic maternal care during labor.


Amref Health Africa: 1. Sets up a surgical camp at Torit Hospital in Torit, South Sudan and provides consultations and operations to women living with VVF free-of-charge 2. Provides classroom and on-the-job training for local doctors, nurses and clinical officers in surgical repair of VVF, Essential Obstetric Care, Emergency Obstetric Care, Antenatal Care and Family Planning. 3. Provides necessary medical supplies and equipment to health facilities to provide basic maternal health care. 4. Partners with local communities to advocate for an increase in skilled maternal health services by training and lobbying community health workers and leaders, and informing and educating the communities

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Maternal, newborn and child health; Reproductive health; Economic advancement for women


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